CEE – China Chamber of Commerce


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We provide a credible and stable platform where partners can connect with trust.

CEE – China Chamber of Commerce was established in Prague, Czech Republic and promotes the interests of its member companies by encouraging trade, investment and business opportunities. The members of our Board of Directors have twenty-five years of experience forging commercial ties between the the Czech Republic and other CEE countries on one side and West and/or Asia Pacific on the other side.

Who works in Board of Directors?

MeiYin Kang


MeiYin Kang is Founder and Managing Partner of consulting firm ChinaConsult.cz and has been involved in EU/China business since 2008.

Using his profound knowledge of both Western and Chinese mentalities, natural observation skills and highly developed social intelligence, MeiYin works as leading business consultant and mediator for European and Chinese companies.

MeiYin speaks Mandarin, Czech and English.

Petr Zinek


Petr Zinek is an experienced manager with many years of practical experiences in finance, corporate banking and mergers and acquisitions, investment banking and corporate governance as well as foreign trade, strategy and communications.

Petr focuses on consulting and advisory activities in the fields of strategic industries and government-related issues.

Petr’s four core values are: innovation, entrepreneurship, focus on results and fair-play approach.

Petr speaks English, Czech and Russian.

Jiří Ctibor

Member of the Board

Jiri has been active in international business for almost 20 years. He has long experience in setting up the first business connections, negotiation the basic terms as well as the finalisation of various deals.

As lawyer by a profession, he brings the necessary knowledge of both continental and China law background enabling the partners to enhance the opportunities while skipping the obstacles on the path to the success.

Jiri speaks in English, German and Czech language.