What does CEE – China Chamber of Commerce do?

We help our partners to succeed in the world.

Our Chamber of Commerce is lead by three members of the Board of Directors.

In which fields does CEE – China Chamber of Commerce operate?

We rely on inputs of our members to shape CEECHNCoC policy. Each member is
eligible to participate in our working groups, which are Automotive and Aviation
industries, Banking and financial services, Infrastructure, High-tech, Information Technology and Telecommunications, Low-emission power engineering and Energy, Real estate, Mechanical Engineering and Manufacturing, Transportation, Public
sector etc.

With whom CEE – China Chamber of Commerce cooperates?

We cooperate with state administration, local authorities, representatives of
occupational unions and association, entrepreneurs as well as the unions.
CEECHNCoC as the authority for entrepreneur´s sets an objective for itself to provide
services for all firms and institutions as part of consulting, mediation of information
and business contacts in creating an entrepreneurial environment even a way that
will enable the prevention of origination of disputes. CEECHNCoC supports
international cooperation in the field of sharing know-how, technology transfers,
business cooperation and other activities to support competitiveness of firms and
bilateral cooperation between regions.